Friday, August 05, 2011

When will it be over? The question for the year! So my lawyer got a counter complaint for custody from Brendan's how dare Brendan call me at work begging for mercy to revoke cs order 2 weeks ago and then have some spontaneous luck with money for a lawyer. He is suing for 50/50 custody and wants me to keep 100% of the costs stating I make more than him. Little does he know the State of Idaho ia already aware that I am only working 16 hrs a week so his idea of me paying him child supprt is so far fetched. All he wants to do is get out of financial responsibility. He's never paid a dime for healthcare, daycare, or any extracurricular activities in 3 years. He thinks that his fiance who has served time in jail, been on probabtion is going to be the one raising my children...he's out for the fight of my life! the kids don't ever ask to be with him....mackenzie wishes shoe could only see him once in a while. he's lived a life full of pronography, infidelity, lies. I would give anything to have him out of our lives here's my ranting! and who's here to help me with my fight...well he's got his family and his fiance and her family to support him in his life. How do you supoort someone in sin? I guess just as i am judging I will also be judged....since that seems to be the tale he keeps telling me they all feel about me anyways. why did I ever put him first and stay here in idaho so that he and his family can have a relationship with our children....what about their maternal family? oh well sometimes justice never comes til death!!!!!


Angie said...

Oh, Jess, I am so sorry. I will support you. With whatever you need. And if by chance, you want to move back to Indiana...;o)